Welcome to the league


To answer your questions….

We’ve heard a couple of questions come up when talking with players who haven’t played league with us before, so we wanted to address them here:

How do I keep up to date on information?

  1. Join the Slack channel!
  2. Check your email

COVID Protocols

We will continue to monitor the situtation as we get closer to the start of league. During Summer League we were very proud of the community for being up front, communicating to the community at large and getting tested when they were alerted to being exposed. We expect that we will continue to have that same level of maturity continue throughout our leagues.

General Operating Guidelines

Closing Comments

If there are material changes to guidance issued by the CDC during the registration period, or during the season, the league rules may be amended to reflect any updates. Any changes will be communicated to all participants in the league.

We appreciate your cooperation with our game play modifications this summer and look forward to returning to standard league rules and non-modified game play in the near future.

Questions or concerns?

Where does your money go?

Thank you so much for promptly paying league dues. Our goal is always to keep costs as low as possible to ensure fiances are not a barrier to play.

The dues go to the following items:

  • Reserving fields
  • Purchasing general liability insurance
  • Super cool jersey
    • Materials + Printing costs + Design fee from exclusive design artist
  • Small buffer to ensure we can cover unforeseen costs

Other Questions?

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, suggestions, exhortations, or exclamations please don’t hesitate to reach out to

If you have would like to assist in maintenance and context development for this site and/or the league, please also feel free to reach out!